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What a great ending to a brilliant ghost hunting season. And what a fantastic venue, huge place, needed a whole weekend really to get round it all. We had some very positive results on our k2 mtrs. The temperature dipped and rose, with cold breezes felt. People were touched and shadows were seen. A couple of our guests caught a light anomoly on video dancing around in a dark corner. We heard thuds and bangs and although the location was noisy with sounds from outside, some strange coincidences did occur. We heard a few clear whistles. Our vibration device seemed to light up on command and answer questions.....flash once for yes and twice for no.....The ouija boards offered up some intresting information and table tipping was quite vigorous. We carried out some intresting experiments with human pendulums, spirit pushing us backwards and forwards and raising our hands. One guest successfully found her partner with the help of spirits guidance. Debunked! Sounds which were thought to be pebbles being thrown were actually intermittant dropplets of water, dripping. Helen guided us through the flower experiment which is always very heart warming. Helen is a fantastic medium and assured our guests with evidential messages, that loved ones are always around. All in all a great night. Thank you to all our lovely guest-friends......look forward to seeing you all next year xxx



Wow what a fantastic investigation. The night started off with loud knocks and bangs in the cellars.... a really gutteral loud growl was heard in the cellars. A girl's voice was heard coming through a wall! Little sparking lights were seen.....shadows were seen in the upstairs corridors.....shadows were seen obscuring the light around a doorway, upstairs. We heard whistles....some far away and some that sounded like they were in the room with us. Some guests were deeply affected by the emotions of spirits on the ouija board. A ouija table moved, jumped all by itself! The k2s in Steve's team were on form....but Jeff's team had almost no k2 activity. A real bad swear word was heard through the ghost box. Several guests were touched and blown on. Some guests experienced odd vibrations. We had quite a good night on the ouija boards......we spoke to a miner, a sagger who worked at Tofts, a potter who worked at Spode, a factory worker, a priest, a few of those wonderful girls who worked at the hotel, who are so lovely and uplifting, Josiah Wedgewood paid us a visit as well......awesome!....All in all a very good night....Thank you to our wonderful guests....without you it wouldn't be possible.



The night started off well with team members feeling activity even before the guests arrived. K2s were a little quiet on the night, however, when they did light up it was quite a dramatic event. Lots of sounds were heard.....faraway conversations, whispering ....a couple of loud bangs were heard, thuds, tinks, dragging sounds, scratching sounds. It seemed as if spirit was walking along the downstairs corridor, it felt as if a cold breeze moved from one end of the corridor, past us and carry on down the corridor setting of k2s in it's wake......we felt quite dramatic temperature drops for most of the night. I think it's fair to say that most people felt little touches throughout the night, Jeff on his head, Dave's hand was touched, Gord was touched on his neck. All in all a very enjoyable and active night with lovely, lovely people.Thank you one and all xxx



What a fab night. Lots of bumps, bangs and thuds were heard.Distant conversations were heard and little moans and sighs. On the voice recorder we heard what we thought sounded like chain being dragged along the floor. K2 meters were on form, multiple units banging right up to red at the same time. Definite temperature changes were registered, there was a 3 1/2 degree jump in the crypt at one point. Guests and team members felt anxious, heavy headed, tingles, pins and needles, unusual pains. Steve felt very heavy as if he were wearing armour and at the same time Lorraine felt very light as if she could fly. Dave wandered off but soon came running back when he heard what he believed was a stone hitting one of the glass windows of an animal enclosure. Our experiement with a ball went rolled down a ramp unseen in the dark and hit Steve's feet! When we tried this again, placing the ball back at the top of the ramp, the ball was seen to be moving, in situ, wierdly rocking, very slowly, back and forth. From the corner of my eye (Michelle) I thought I kept seeing the ouija table moving, rocking, very slowly, very weird. I told everyone and some others saw it moving as well. Ann-Marie then placed her hands on the table and it began rocking violently with just her hands on it! The ouija board offered up some good evidence which Amy, historian of Dudley Castle, was able to confirm. Thank you one and all xxx



Clicks, bangs, shuffles, sighs, hums and distant conversation was heard. A dragging noise or growl and banging on a pipe was heard. Footsteps were heard on the floor of the empty room above us. Pins and needles, tingles, dizziness and anxiety were felt.

Shadows, little lights and orbs were seen.
Pressure was felt around the bottom of legs as if children were grabbing and clinging to them.

Guests and team members were touched, pushed and pulled.

Steve's torch was tapped twice.

A guest felt a stabbing pain.

Gord saw an extra stickman (twice) on the kinect whilst setting up... verified by Jeff.

Cigarette smoke, pipe smoke, perfume and alcohol was smelled.

A guest felt her waistline expand and her back become bent when she was sitting in the judges chair, in the courtroom. One guest felt very tall and another very short.

Temperature fluctuations were experienced.

A couple of guests took photographs and realised there were faces in them.

A guest's grandfather made his presence known via the ouija board. Did we really get pets/animals on the ouija board?

A guest was pushed out of the room on two occasions by the table, during table tipping. Table tipping for one team was epic.

Spirit also answered questions for us by knock for yes and two knocks for no......and also copied our knocks: da da-da-da and da-da, da-da, da-da......etc.

All in all a great night and a comical night, with wonderful guests. Thank you one and all xxx



Activity began before everyone arrived.....early bird guests were exploring by themselves upstairs and had the feeling they were being followed.

Knocks and bangs were heard and footsteps in empty corridors. A couple of really clear whistles were heard and an eerie whine, some said it sounded like a baby. I think all teams experienced weird temperature drops.Our K2's were not on as good form as they normally are.......although we did get some good spikes. A guest's voice box app was on good form....and naming two guests. Some teams had much better success on the ouija boards as others.....some lovely personal messages were recieved and lovely insights and fun from our 'good time girlls. A lady was heard singing.....Balls that were placed in the corridor moved by themselves. Shadows and movements were also seen in all locations of the building. Over all an active night....with a fab crowd. I would also like to thank all our lovely guests for the excellent feed back from last night xx


SATURDAY 20th MAY 2017

It seemed like a quiet night but looking through the notes and writing this report it seems like much more happened than we first thought.

Footsteps, knocks and bangs. Far off whistles were heard when we called out in the court. A guest felt someone sit down next to her and the bench creak in the court room. A shadow was seen in the basement area and in the base room. Under a door in the basement shadows were seen, as if someone was walking past. The smell of wet feet was reported in the basement and also the smell of tobacco smoke in the base room. A loud bang was heard in the base room as well (or did we debunk that one?) Knocking was heard on a wall in the courtroom. A team member had her hair pulled and a guest kept going hot and cold within short spaces of time. Our ouija boards brought up nothing substantial, it was mostly just random letters and swear words that were spellt out.



What a fantastic venue.......fantastic guests and good fun all round. Vigils produced lots of knocks and bangs. Footsteps, shuffles and sighing was heard. Our k2 mtrs were on form and produced some interesting spikes when we were table tipping. Ouija boards did produce some good information. A personal message for a guest was particularly poignant. Although there isn't much to report on this investigation we all had a great time and can't wait to go back. Another great night, great activity, great team and great guests! xxx



Great k2 action all night in all loctations. Some strange activity on a couple of occasion when the k2's stuck on orange.

Thermal imager showed up a purple haze and k2s were lighting up in the same area of the cellars. Other coloured anomolies were seen on the thermal imager.

Shadows were seen above and behind guests and team members, lurking in corners and gliding through corridors. Light anomolies were also seen sparking throughout the night.

We experienced some good temperature changes on the thermal temperature guns in most locations throughout the night.

A spirit man name Paul was seen in the cellar, it was felt he worked with barrels. This gentleman made an appearance later in the evening on the ouija board.

Shuffles, knocks, bangs, footsteps and humming were heard. A very sweet smell like strawberries was smellt and a nasty stale smell. The hearing enhancer produced some good sounds that no one else heard.

During the human pendulum session we were all swaying and the k2's were lighting up in synchronisation.

The ouija boards were on good form. The usual suspects made an appearance or were mentioned: Mary, Emily, Norma, Vicki with their gorgeous, fun energy and candid messages.

A gent name George told us that he visited the Leopard to be with the prostitutes, he paid them 2 shillings. He told us he was a miner who lived in Hanley and died of the pox in 1934 at 56 years old.

Paul, the gent who was seen in the cellar came through on the ouija board. He called himself a cellar man and when asked how much he earned he told us it wasn't enough. He also answered some questions about the legend of Molly Lee. He told us she sold herbs and medicine, that she wasn't evil, she tried to help people. Paul died of dissentry due to the filthly conditions he was working in.

Some guests had some lovely personal messages come through on the ouija board.

All in all a great night, I would say, Lovely, lovely guests yet again. Thank you all for a fab night and well done!



Thank you to all our lovely guests for a fab night at the gorgeous, historical landmark that is Dudley Castle and thank you to our host Amy.

Our k2mtrs were off the scale for quite a bit of the night, with lots of them sticking on the red lights.

The name Dorothy was heard in various parts of the castle grounds by several of our mediums. Dorothy is the name of the grey lady probably the most famous ghost at Dudley Castle.

Shadows were seen in corridors and entities playing peek a boo.....Knocks, bangs and bumps were heard. Guests and team members had their coats pulled and a guest had her hat pulled down towards her face.

Georgina, the wife of William Ward, the 1st earl of Dudley made an appearance on the ouija board. A few of the servants who worked at the castle also came through on the ouija board, one gentleman going as far as to call himself a slave. We had a very sad message from a worker at the zoo who ended his life in the grounds and a lovely heartfelt message for one of our guests.

All in all a good active night.



K2's were a bit slow, but we did end up with good and unusual hits. Also we asked questions of a K2 and got hits and dimming in response.Cold spots, cool breezes, tingling sensations, head being squeezed, cobwebs on the face and numb feelings were felt. Some Experienced metalic tastes in the mouth and some smelled odd smells. People were touched lightly and clothes were tugged on. Helen felt a stabbing pain. A shadow was seen walking past a doorway and something was seen standing in the corner of room on 2 seperate occasions. One of our motion detectors went off, it went icy cold and a bang was heard simultaneously. A gentleman who was from another country was picked up on the ouija board on 2 seperate occasions. Another great night, great activity, great team and great guests! xxx



What a fantastic night we had.....quite a few non believers joined us and I believe that certainly some of them had to re evaluate their opinions.

Shadows were seen.....footsteps heard....footsteps were heard above a room where there was no access to the room above...Cold spots, cold draughts and temperature changes were felt....a sigh was heard through the hearing enhancer...whistles, whispering and odd mumblings and groans....movements were heard in deserted corridors and the sound of something heavy being dragged was most scarey. The presence of a man was felt by several people. Table tipping was good on the night with several tables tipping right over and Steve our team member was chased and cornered by one table. The ouija board gave some excellent messages and laughs, 'The Shades' made a visit, and one gentleman was telling us how he liked to sit in court and heckle, he died of a heart attack in the doorway, waiting for the doors to be opened, he likes ladies with blonde hair, one guest in particular got quite a bit of attention from him. His final message to us was 'Take care of my court', bless him. We had quite a few lovely personal messages for our guests on the ouija board.

All in all a fantastic night......thank you to all our guests new and old.



Lots of activity in the bar area Helen and Steve were pulled backwards, k2s going off and Kelly saw a grey, person, shape by the fireplace.On the ouija board we had Frederick Greets who married Sally and had 5 children, Helen asked if they had a television lol he died in 1924 aged 60. We then did table tipping with amazing results, the ladies table tipping over onto the floor. We also found out Frederick worked as a waiter and didn't like mess. We had George who died driving a car aged 26 in 1954. In the ballroom we picked up lots of names including Ethel who made flowers and others. Helen had someone say 'buttery' and someone singing Purple Rain. I kept seeing the curtains move and we felt spirits on stage with us looking out with us. Down in the cellars Michaela got someone called Jill on the board who died age 36 in a fire. She thinks Rich is sexy and said he's mine get out of the house.We heard sounds and people were touched. Amazingly we had a stone thrown at us hitting Michaela on the foot and witnessed by Jeff and myself.The third room was a bit flat but on the board we got a John McGee who announced that a guest was pregnant and it turned out to be true. All in all a good night. Our group enjoyed their night so much, lots of laughter and screaming! We started downstairs where a guest gave another guest a reading and got it spot on. Emfs were responding and we also had lights moving on the laser grid pen which the guests loved. We used the ouija board and had a young lady called Eve who told us she hung herself due to being pregnant from someone raping her. She also gave us some information which was.. B9 (in Roman numerals), deed, 6666, 1964 which later in the night we found an actual deed in the cells with the name Evelyn on it, issued 1964 and her number was 6666. We found the Roman numerals on a pipe (I cant believe it). We went upstairs next where we did the human pendulum majority of the guests were pushed and got some arms rising up, the new guests couldn't believe what was happening. We also had a lady who saw a figure coming at her and the cupboard doors closed by themselves. Finally we went into the cells where of course we found the deed but we had groans, moans, knocks and bangs. The ouija board fell causing a glass to break (sorry shell and gord) the glass kept on going toward a lady at which point her stuff fell off the shelf and she lost feeling in her foot! Such an amazing night with an incredible bunch of people I really enjoyed it!! Our group had a fabulous night, started off in the cellar, found an interesting room at the far end, where we did a circle to charge the energy we heard heavy breathing through the sound enhancer and a voice saying cold, so cold, also groans and moans.Shadows were seen and the K2's were active. Mary had a personal message off a family member which was lovely, we had good communication on the ouija board from a 15 year old girl and also from Gordon's Mary lol. We went into the downstairs meeting room next, got good results from a human pendulum with almost everyone being pushed. Lovely messages on the ouija board from a guest's "imaginary" friend from childhood, with very good personal evidence for her. Lastly we went into the bar, K2's were very active.


Shrewsbury Prison is a massive location, full to the brim with historical facts. We had an absolutely super night with fantastic guests.

Bangs, taps, raps, whistles, screeches, screams, heavy breathing and far off conversations were heard. Some felt breathless, had pains in their face and sensed they were cut, others were touched and pulled....temperatures fluctuated in some locations and the k2mtrs peaked on red. Feelings of being watched were experienced. Shadows were seen and impressions of people leaning over the balconies were sensed. A couple of loud bangs were heard as if doors were being banged shut and a door opened and closed on command....a guest had Connect and saw a skeleton man step out from a cell and stand on the mezanine in front of him. Flashes of light were seen. We were told on the ouija board that there was a workhouse on the site, this was verified by Joel of Shrewsbury Prison. A spirit on the ouija board asked, 'Did Roy kill pop?' we didn't know the answer, of course. We had a couple of messages on the ouija board outlining some of the horrendous crimes that were committed and with no remorse. Karl's torch was flashing on and off on command. And lastly we had some lovely personal messages given from the ouija board.


I love the Leopard Inn, it never fails to scare me.
K2 mtrs were on good form, even lighting up when the glass on the ouija board got close to them. Cigar smoke was smellt in the cellar. Shadows were seen, goosebumps and tingles were felt, cold presences were experienced, cool drafts circled some rooms. Donna felt a stabbing pain in her back, shortly after the ouija board spelled out the word 'dagger' and the glass moved to yes when we asked if it was him making Donna feel the pain! Anxiety and anger were experienced, Chris became so angry at one point he wanted to swear at other guests. A loud bang was heard on the 1st floor when we were all inside a room. Our evp and ghostbox sessions brought up the names Freddie, Dave and Steve. Table tipping was off the scale, Derek was practically being dragged around the room and corridor. A lovely personal message was received from the ouija board. George also came through telling us of his disdain for women. He poisoned his wife with arsenic because she was useless. Fanny told us she was married to a Welsh man, he committed suicide after she died, he couldn't live with his broken heart. Our 'good time girls' were prominent on the ouija board, telling us how sheep intestines were used as contraception, All in all a really fab night with brilliant guests.



Well, what a fab night at the Four Crosses we had it all. K2's were active. Shadows were seen and the apparition of a little boy. Quite a few children were seen at this location, some of them showed themselves on the thermal imaging camera. Temperature fluctuations were experienced and confirmed by the thermal temperature guns, Sue's legs felt cold and Donna felt cold, Boo Bear said he'd gone all cold as well. Knocks and whistles were heard, serveral guests and team members felt emotional at times. Amelia had her sweater pulled and several team members were pushed and pulled. A head shaped shadow was seen but disappeared as soon as we began to investigate it further (cctv captured the area in question..... so will keep you posted....)The smell of alcohol and urine were detected. The Ghost Box gave the names of some of the guests. The ouija board was interesting a child who was run over outside the pub came to chat as did a sailor who liked the ladies so much he died of an std.....A highway man paid a visit telling us all about his antics and how he was eventually caught by the police and hung by the neck until dead. All in all a brilliant night, with much activity.


Well it was certainly an active night. We heard quite a few big bangs and could not explain how they were made or by whom, Karyn got the fright of her life and pracically jumped to the other side of the room. There was a knock on a window and a door and we weren't able to explain either. K2;s were quite active with lights acrobatting up to red and back to green quite quickly. Scraping noises were heard as well as footsteps in the basement area and footsteps in rooms above us, where there was nobody. A whistle was heard in the court room and guests experienced being touched, prodded, poked and their hair being stroked. Chris said he felt as if someone had walked through him. Janine felt drunk, slurring her words and giggling uncontrollably, as was Kelly. Sarah's bra strap was pinged. Shadows were seen as if peeping round corners and shapes were seen in a laser pen. A scream was heard coming from the ghost box also hello, chris and a yes was said in answer to the question, are you a prositute. Kelly saw someone sitting in the judges chair. All in all i think a brilliant night. if i've forgotten anything can you please let me know xx



The k2 mtrs were flashing but not as much as at other locations. Lots of unexplained temperature changes were experienced, cold breezes blowing in peoples' faces, in all parts of the building. The motion detector alarm went off in the cellar. Kelly, Derek and Gill saw a full bodied apparition, they didn't realise what it was until it disappeared from the side of them! Both doors in the cellar and on the top floor were seen to open by themselves....we investigated fully but could find no physical reason for this to happen. Discussions about murder, abuse and poisonings were all spelled out on the ouija board. A very scarey growl was heard when the ouija board was being used and the word DEMON was spelt out! A few very emotional messages came through on the ouija board to our guests. The parabolic hearing enhancers picked up a dragging sound for Gary. We had a large number of guests experiencing bad backs, feelings of anxiety, light headeness, nauseausness, stomach pain, leg pain, stabbing pain. Nathan, smellt whisky and felt drunk. A few people were pushed quite hard and almost everyone one tripped or slipped or had problems with the last stair on the first floor....another table was broken during table tipping, Derek? Our first incident of the evening was Kelly, she's fine now everyone, Tamara, Charlie and Mark were all on fire using their gifts. And lastly well caught Gaz...he had another entity stand next to him on the Kinect Skeleton programme. We had a few relevant names and information come through on the ghost box. Please if i've missed anyone or anything off, let me know. Michelle xx

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