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Well, what a fab night at the Four Crosses we had it all. K2's were active. Shadows were seen and the apparition of a little boy. Quite a few children were seen at this location, some of them showed themselves on the thermal imaging camera. Temperature fluctuations were experienced and confirmed by the thermal temperature guns, Sue's legs felt cold and Donna felt cold, Boo Bear said he'd gone all cold as well. Knocks and whistles were heard, serveral guests and team members felt emotional at times. Amelia had her sweater pulled and several team members were pushed and pulled. A head shaped shadow was seen but disappeared as soon as we began to investigate it further (cctv captured the area in question..... so will keep you posted....)The smell of alcohol and urine were detected. The Ghost Box gave the names of some of the guests. The ouija board was interesting a child who was run over outside the pub came to chat as did a sailor who liked the ladies so much he died of an std.....A highway man paid a visit telling us all about his antics and how he was eventually caught by the police and hung by the neck until dead. All in all a brilliant night, with much activity.

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