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Hanley Town Hall never fails to throw up more than a few questions. We had instances of some strange K2 activity in the meeting room. K2 meters were also lighting up a certain number of lights on request. Cold spots were detected and periods of cold blasts wafting around guests. Sighs were heard and shuffling and dragging sounds . Some guests reported being followed round by the spirit of a child and the spirit of a lady. Footsteps and some loud knocks and bangs were heard. A few guests felt as if they had been touched. Red eyes were seen gleaming from the far corner in the court room. Three knocks were heard on a big metal cell door....which was later dubunked, i think?...Table tipping was excellent for some teams - with a table sliding across the floor immediately hands were placed on it, it then went on to completely upend itself. The ouija board offered up some interesting and profound personal messages and some interesting historical insights into the old age career of 'womanly entertainment'. All in all another very interesting night at Hanley Town Hall.




The evening started off really well with team members feeling static electricity/energy as a spirit moved between us in the courtroom. One team had really good k2 action but the other 2 teams hardly had any at all. We had a few knocks and bangs but on the whole I would say that most of the activity was felt or seen. Shadows were seen, Jeff saw a couple of partial apparitions. Guests took loads of photos with orbs or light anomolies and Penny took a photo which showed the silhouette of a person stood behind her. The hearing enhancers offered up some good activity, whistles were heard and the word gin amongst some of it. The smell of alcohol was detected in the cellars and people were swaying in the small annexe room. Also in the small room in the cellars K2's were flashing on and off in answer to yes and no questions. The room temperature went up and down and a guest had a vision of blood in the same room. Michelle became very drunk and disorderly at one point. An evp was recorded saying 'yes'. Grunts and shuffles were heard, as well as faraway, a guest reported a loud 'huff' in her ear. Guest reported feeling tingling around their faces, hair being stroked, tingling on top of the head. The ouija boards were a bit slow and garbled but we did get some good messages. A shade came through and asked if the man on the ouija board was the pimp of the ladies on the table. All in all a great night, lovely guests and lots of laughs.



Clicks, bangs, shuffles, sighs, hums and distant conversation was heard. A dragging noise or growl and banging on a pipe was heard. Footsteps were heard on the floor of the empty room above us. Pins and needles, tingles, dizziness and anxiety were felt.

Shadows, little lights and orbs were seen.
Pressure was felt around the bottom of legs as if children were grabbing and clinging to them.

Guests and team members were touched, pushed and pulled.

Steve's torch was tapped twice.

A guest felt a stabbing pain.

Gord saw an extra stickman (twice) on the kinect whilst setting up... verified by Jeff.

Cigarette smoke, pipe smoke, perfume and alcohol was smelled.

A guest felt her waistline expand and her back become bent when she was sitting in the judges chair, in the courtroom. One guest felt very tall and another very short.

Temperature fluctuations were experienced.

A couple of guests took photographs and realised there were faces in them.

A guest's grandfather made his presence known via the ouija board. Did we really get pets/animals on the ouija board?

A guest was pushed out of the room on two occasions by the table, during table tipping. Table tipping for one team was epic.

Spirit also answered questions for us by knock for yes and two knocks for no......and also copied our knocks: da da-da-da and da-da, da-da, da-da......etc.

All in all a great night and a comical night, with wonderful guests. Thank you one and all xxx


SATURDAY 20th MAY 2017

It seemed like a quiet night but looking through the notes and writing this report it seems like much more happened than we first thought.

Footsteps, knocks and bangs. Far off whistles were heard when we called out in the court. A guest felt someone sit down next to her and the bench creak in the court room. A shadow was seen in the basement area and in the base room. Under a door in the basement shadows were seen, as if someone was walking past. The smell of wet feet was reported in the basement and also the smell of tobacco smoke in the base room. A loud bang was heard in the base room as well (or did we debunk that one?) Knocking was heard on a wall in the courtroom. A team member had her hair pulled and a guest kept going hot and cold within short spaces of time. Our ouija boards brought up nothing substantial, it was mostly just random letters and swear words that were spellt out.



What a fantastic night we had.....quite a few non believers joined us and I believe that certainly some of them had to re evaluate their opinions.

Shadows were seen.....footsteps heard....footsteps were heard above a room where there was no access to the room above...Cold spots, cold draughts and temperature changes were felt....a sigh was heard through the hearing enhancer...whistles, whispering and odd mumblings and groans....movements were heard in deserted corridors and the sound of something heavy being dragged was most scarey. The presence of a man was felt by several people. Table tipping was good on the night with several tables tipping right over and Steve our team member was chased and cornered by one table. The ouija board gave some excellent messages and laughs, 'The Shades' made a visit, and one gentleman was telling us how he liked to sit in court and heckle, he died of a heart attack in the doorway, waiting for the doors to be opened, he likes ladies with blonde hair, one guest in particular got quite a bit of attention from him. His final message to us was 'Take care of my court', bless him. We had quite a few lovely personal messages for our guests on the ouija board.

All in all a fantastic night......thank you to all our guests new and old.


Well it was certainly an active night. We heard quite a few big bangs and could not explain how they were made or by whom, Karyn got the fright of her life and pracically jumped to the other side of the room. There was a knock on a window and a door and we weren't able to explain either. K2;s were quite active with lights acrobatting up to red and back to green quite quickly. Scraping noises were heard as well as footsteps in the basement area and footsteps in rooms above us, where there was nobody. A whistle was heard in the court room and guests experienced being touched, prodded, poked and their hair being stroked. Chris said he felt as if someone had walked through him. Janine felt drunk, slurring her words and giggling uncontrollably, as was Kelly. Sarah's bra strap was pinged. Shadows were seen as if peeping round corners and shapes were seen in a laser pen. A scream was heard coming from the ghost box also hello, chris and a yes was said in answer to the question, are you a prositute. Kelly saw someone sitting in the judges chair. All in all i think a brilliant night. if i've forgotten anything can you please let me know xx

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