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What a fab night. Lots of bumps, bangs and thuds were heard.Distant conversations were heard and little moans and sighs. On the voice recorder we heard what we thought sounded like chain being dragged along the floor. K2 meters were on form, multiple units banging right up to red at the same time. Definite temperature changes were registered, there was a 3 1/2 degree jump in the crypt at one point. Guests and team members felt anxious, heavy headed, tingles, pins and needles, unusual pains. Steve felt very heavy as if he were wearing armour and at the same time Lorraine felt very light as if she could fly. Dave wandered off but soon came running back when he heard what he believed was a stone hitting one of the glass windows of an animal enclosure. Our experiement with a ball went rolled down a ramp unseen in the dark and hit Steve's feet! When we tried this again, placing the ball back at the top of the ramp, the ball was seen to be moving, in situ, wierdly rocking, very slowly, back and forth. From the corner of my eye (Michelle) I thought I kept seeing the ouija table moving, rocking, very slowly, very weird. I told everyone and some others saw it moving as well. Ann-Marie then placed her hands on the table and it began rocking violently with just her hands on it! The ouija board offered up some good evidence which Amy, historian of Dudley Castle, was able to confirm. Thank you one and all xxx



Thank you to all our lovely guests for a fab night at the gorgeous, historical landmark that is Dudley Castle and thank you to our host Amy.

Our k2mtrs were off the scale for quite a bit of the night, with lots of them sticking on the red lights.

The name Dorothy was heard in various parts of the castle grounds by several of our mediums. Dorothy is the name of the grey lady probably the most famous ghost at Dudley Castle.

Shadows were seen in corridors and entities playing peek a boo.....Knocks, bangs and bumps were heard. Guests and team members had their coats pulled and a guest had her hat pulled down towards her face.

Georgina, the wife of William Ward, the 1st earl of Dudley made an appearance on the ouija board. A few of the servants who worked at the castle also came through on the ouija board, one gentleman going as far as to call himself a slave. We had a very sad message from a worker at the zoo who ended his life in the grounds and a lovely heartfelt message for one of our guests.

All in all a good active night.

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