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Shrewsbury Prison is a massive location, full to the brim with historical facts. We had an absolutely super night with fantastic guests.

Bangs, taps, raps, whistles, screeches, screams, heavy breathing and far off conversations were heard. Some felt breathless, had pains in their face and sensed they were cut, others were touched and pulled....temperatures fluctuated in some locations and the k2mtrs peaked on red. Feelings of being watched were experienced. Shadows were seen and impressions of people leaning over the balconies were sensed. A couple of loud bangs were heard as if doors were being banged shut and a door opened and closed on command....a guest had Connect and saw a skeleton man step out from a cell and stand on the mezanine in front of him. Flashes of light were seen. We were told on the ouija board that there was a workhouse on the site, this was verified by Joel of Shrewsbury Prison. A spirit on the ouija board asked, 'Did Roy kill pop?' we didn't know the answer, of course. We had a couple of messages on the ouija board outlining some of the horrendous crimes that were committed and with no remorse. Karl's torch was flashing on and off on command. And lastly we had some lovely personal messages given from the ouija board.

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