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What a great ending to a brilliant ghost hunting season. And what a fantastic venue, huge place, needed a whole weekend really to get round it all. We had some very positive results on our k2 mtrs. The temperature dipped and rose, with cold breezes felt. People were touched and shadows were seen. A couple of our guests caught a light anomoly on video dancing around in a dark corner. We heard thuds and bangs and although the location was noisy with sounds from outside, some strange coincidences did occur. We heard a few clear whistles. Our vibration device seemed to light up on command and answer questions.....flash once for yes and twice for no.....The ouija boards offered up some intresting information and table tipping was quite vigorous. We carried out some intresting experiments with human pendulums, spirit pushing us backwards and forwards and raising our hands. One guest successfully found her partner with the help of spirits guidance. Debunked! Sounds which were thought to be pebbles being thrown were actually intermittant dropplets of water, dripping. Helen guided us through the flower experiment which is always very heart warming. Helen is a fantastic medium and assured our guests with evidential messages, that loved ones are always around. All in all a great night. Thank you to all our lovely guest-friends......look forward to seeing you all next year xxx

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