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Do areas of your home give you the creeps?

Do areas of your home is make you feel uncomfortable?

Feeling a presence, even when you know you are alone?

A strange negative feeling in certain areas of your home?

Unusual "bad luck"?

Fearful emotions that are not your own?


We will do everything in our power to resolve your situation as

quickly as we can.

It can on occasion take more than one visit to completely clear a residence

or person.

We will need all members of the household including children to be present

at the time of the visit.

We will also need access to all areas ot the property including cellars

and lofts.

It takes around an hour to cleanse an average size property.

the cost for this service is just £40.


If youhave concerns about your household, call for a confidential chat.

07921 611 85

We are here to help

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